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Discover Unmatched Safety with Anti-Slip Mineral Tile Treatment. Experience the ultimate in slip resistance with Anti-Slip Mineral Tile Treatment, the safest choice for your floors. It offers unparalleled slip resistance without altering the floor’s aesthetics.

Easy maintenance and cleaning ensure lasting durability, and its fast application with no curing time keeps your floors safer for longer.Achieving up to 70 PTV (Pendulum Test Value), this treatment can be applied to various surfaces, including ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble, and more.

Choose Anti-Slip Mineral Tile Treatment for a smooth, clean finish that prioritizes safety and peace of mind.
The safest anti slip treatment you could use, easy to clean and maintain with a smooth clean finish.



The best performing, value for money, anti slip on the planet!
Proven over 8 years and by almost 30 billion footfall on London Underground stations and still working! We suggest trusting us with the application of the product!

Slip Alert

Tiles tested by Slip Alert after application of Mineral Tile

Why Use Anti Slip Mineral Tile?

  • Unsurpassed Slip Resistance
  • Does not change aesthetics of the floor
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Proven Durability
  • Easy and Fast Application
  • No Curing Time
  • Keeps Floors Safer For Longer
  • Has Achieved up to 70 PTV (Pendulum Test Value)

Where can this product be applied?

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine
  • Polished Floors
  • Quarry tile
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Most Marble floorings