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The Nice and Safe Looking Tile Ideal for most outdoor Scenarios such as public spaces, pool surroundings, terraces, patios etc..

Amazzonia is the porcelain stoneware tile collection perfect for any surface both indoors and out. The excellent properties of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware make these tiles extremely versatile. That’s why the Amazzonia collection is perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting and any style, whether classic, contemporary, urban chic, or minimalist. These rectified stone-like tiles come with a natural finish for interiors and an anti-slip finish and 20 mm thickness for exteriors. They are the ideal choice for creating visual continuity and tiling terraces, patios, verandas, and turf or gravel walkways.


The Commercial, Technical, Industrial Multi Purpose Ceramic Tile

The porcelain tiles from the Technic collection are suited for floors in high-traffic public and commercial/industrial spaces with requirements to stringent hygiene rules, such as in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. The technic collection is designed to have a variety of textured surfaces with different COF (Coefficient of Friction) that suits the required scenario. In an industrial kitchen you have a variety of preparation areas where a variety of contaminations can lead to some severe slip accidents if not planned properly. The tiles must be Non-Slip and also easy to clean, while durable enough to withstand the handling of trolleys with huge weight and point loads. Technic Commercial and Industrial Kitchen tiles suitable for all kind kitchen floors and cooking stations.

Natural Stone

Stumbling, slipping and falling have been at the top of the accident statistics for years and even exceed road traffic accidents. The cause is frequently insufficient anti-slip precautions for the flooring. Especially highly polished stone floors often do not meet the requirements, so that retrospective changes are necessary.
Surface finishing is the technique that brings out the beauty of the stone. The ornamental function and also some technical characteristics (e.g. its resistance to weather conditions or its slipperiness) are strongly influenced by the surface finishing applied to the product.The final process of the stone surface can be divided into four categories. The most popular is the use of a series of pads made of various materials. A process of abrasion takes place that converts the different sizes of particles into the finer size. It helps to have almost zero porosity. These stones can have a different finish – Brushed, Honed, Polished & Hammered.