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Revolutionize Your Flooring with WALA, Ecotile, and Bergo Floor Covering Solutions. Explore a world of flooring possibilities with WALA Tiles, offering durability and versatility for schools, warehouses, and more.

WALA’s quick delivery and meticulous installation ensure a seamless experience. Ecotile range provides a robust flooring system ideal for industrial and commercial settings.

With custom colors and designs, they enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Bergo takes the lead in multifunctional floor tiles, perfect for any outdoor applications.

Their various tile options, including the robust “Unique Tile” and environmentally friendly “Bergo Soft Tile,” offer innovative solutions for diverse flooring challenges.

Wala Tiles

WALA-Floor floor slabs provide an extremely durable and functional floor solution for various applications including public premises, Schools, warehouses, industrial facilities, and fair premises.

The delivery is quick and is followed by efficient and careful installation. We will install floor slabs either as a floating floor or, if the floor is to be water-tight, with adhesive.

WALA Tiles, offered by WALA, are a versatile flooring solution available in various thicknesses and textures. WALA Clip Tiles, measuring 500 x 500 mm, come in 6mm and 15mm option comes at 450 x 450mm, ideal for DIY installation in trade fair booths or areas with damp flooring. Additionally, WALA Rabbet Tiles, also 500 x 500 mm, are available in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 15mm, with the ability to create seamless, color-sealed floors, making them perfect for commercial or industrial kitchen refurbishment.

Eco Tile

Ecotile commercial flooring products offer complete flexibility, great design and a wide range of customisable colours and designs, suitable for both heavy industrial as well as commercial settings. We can incorporate your logo and multiple zonal and demarcation lines to make your workplace safer and more efficient.

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Eco Tile, part of the Ecotile product range, offers versatile flooring solutions suitable for various applications.

The E500/5 Interlocking Flooring, with a thickness of approximately 4.5mm, is designed for commercial, domestic, and lighter use. It provides a durable and noise-reducing floor finish.

The E500/7 Industrial Floor Tiles, approximately 7.6mm thick, are ideal for heavy vehicle and forklift traffic, with exceptional durability. For ultra-heavy-duty needs, the E500/10 tiles, 10mm thick, protect high-traffic areas and withstand heavy loads, making them perfect for warehouses and factories.

Ecotile is also available in ESD (Electro Static Discharge) where tiles are grounded, ideal for any micro electric chip company.

Bergo Product Range

Bergo is active within five business areas: Home, Public, Event, Sport and Marine, Making them the world leader in multifunctional floor tiles.  A brand new concept of floor tiles for public indoor areas.

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The Bergo product range offers versatile flooring solutions suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. The Unique Tile boasts a robust 10.3mm thickness and a 380 x 380mm area, making it ideal for solving diverse flooring challenges. Its design facilitates drainage and ventilation, ensuring comfort even in hot condition.

The Bergo Soft Tile, made from environmentally friendly materials, is FDA-approved and ideal for public spaces, offering safety and comfort in changing rooms, showers, pools, gyms, and humid environments. The Multisport Tile is engineered to endure tough conditions, with rapid drainage, low maintenance, and shock-absorbing properties for high-intensity sports. The “XL Tile” is multifunctional, suitable for various settings, including terraces and damp environments, offering comfort and durability.


We provide both the products and installation services, catering to your specific needs.