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Discover our comprehensive range of anti-slip tapes designed to ensure safety in diverse environments. Explore three main grades of Safety-Grip tapes, including the world’s most durable X-Coarse option for industrial applications.

Illuminate walkways and exits during power outages with our advanced Glow in the Dark Tapes, featuring non-toxic, rapid-charging photoluminescence technology.

Additionally, our non-abrasive tapes like Aqua-Safe, Resilient, and Coarse Resilient provide effective non-slip solutions for various settings.

Trust Heskins for reliable and regulatory-compliant anti-slip solutions, enhancing safety in both well-lit and low-light conditions.


Explore our range of Safety-Grip anti-slip tapes, designed to provide reliable slip protection in various environments. All grades are available in various sizes to accommodate different requirements, ensuring safety and convenience.

We offer three main grades:

  • Standard Safety-Grip: Ideal for general use with good grip and water resistance.
  • Coarse Safety-Grip: Features a coarser grit for areas exposed to dirt or water, suitable for industrial settings.
  • X-Coarse Safety-Grip: The world’s most durable anti-slip tape, designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, with extreme durability and resistance to harsh conditions.


Elevate safety during power outages with our innovative Glow in the Dark Tape. Created using cutting-edge photoluminescence technology, this tape absorbs light and emits a bright, electricity-free glow, ensuring well-lit walkways, stairways, entrances, and exits. It is non-toxic, free from radioactive materials, and charges rapidly through natural or artificial light sources, providing extended illumination.

Our range encompasses different grades and sizes to suit diverse applications. We also offer Hazard Anti-Slip Tape, High-Quality Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape, and Egress Tape, each tailored to specific safety requirements. Trust Heskins for reliable and effective glow-in-the-dark solutions.

  • low in the Dark Tape: Provides illumination during power outages.
  • Hazard Anti-Slip Tape: Features chevrons for warning purposes.
  • High-Quality Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape: Offers extended glow times.
  • Egress Tape: Smooth photoluminescent marking tape for emergency exits.


Aqua-Safe non-abrasive tape provides effective non-slip flooring while maintaining a smooth surface suitable for barefoot walking.It’s ideal for wet environments, including bathrooms, swimming pool areas, and boats, and complies with hygiene regulations due to its non-abrasive nature.Resilient tape offers exceptional grip without abrasiveness, making it suitable for barefoot traffic and water-exposed areas.

Coarse resilient tape is perfect for places needing non-slip surfaces, especially in wet conditions, and comes in three variants to cater to different needs. These tapes are versatile solutions for enhancing safety and preventing slips and falls in various environments.

  • Aqua-Safe Non-Abrasive Tape: Provides non-slip flooring with a smooth surface, suitable for wet areas like bathrooms and swimming pools.
  • Resilient Tape: Offers exceptional grip without abrasiveness, ideal for barefoot traffic and water-exposed areas.
  • Coarse Resilient Tape: Perfect for non-slip surfaces in wet conditions, available in three variants for various needs.


H3460 marine tape, Heskins’ pioneering marine-specific product, is designed for use in the challenging conditions of the open seas, catering to a range of vessels from leisure crafts to competitive boats and commercial ships. This tape stands out as the first to offer a 100% guarantee against salt damage, addressing the critical need for durability in marine environments.

Its construction features S2 granules, akin to small glass beads, ensuring both comfort for barefoot traction and effective slip resistance under stress. Beyond marine uses, its suitability extends to kitchens and tiled areas, where rigorous cleaning standards are essential, without damaging cleaning equipment due to its smooth edges.

  • H3460 marine tape is tailored for use on a variety of vessels, including leisure, competitive, and commercial ships.
  • Offers exceptional service life when applied correctly to a clean, dry surface, with ancillaries available to further prolong lifespan.
  • Applicable beyond marine environments, suitable for kitchens and tiled areas requiring strict cleaning protocols.


We can design any tape at any size to cater for your specific needs. We also offer installation services but it is also possible to buy just the tape.